Public Sector Employment and Management Act

Employment in the NTPS is governed by the Public Sector Employment and Management Act (the Act). 

Under the Act the Commissioner for Public Employment is deemed to be the employer of all public sector employees and sets the terms and conditions of employment for all employees.  Terms and conditions are contained in the various By-laws, Determinations and Employment Instructions, which the Commissioner may issue under the Act

In addition, the Act sets out the legislative powers of Chief Executive Officers, selection procedures to be followed in the public sector, and provisions dealing with employment redeployment, inability to discharge duties, discipline, appeals and review.

Public Sector Employment and Management Act

The Public Sector Employment and Management Act is an Act "for the regulation of the Public Service of the Northern Territory and the human resource administration and management of other agencies established for government or public purposes, and for related purposes".

The Act covers the majority of employees in the service of the NT Government. The Act was assented to on 19 April 1993, and came into operation on 1 July 1993. Following a review, the Act was amended.  The amended Act commenced operation on 1 January 2012.

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