Commissioner's Review of the NTPS Special Measures Plan

The Commissioner for Public Employment’s Review of Special Measures, released in early 2019, made 5 findings as summarised below:

  1. Special Measures is achieving its aims in relation to recruitment and promotion of Aboriginal employees, and therefore should continue.
  2. That the process for obtaining an exemption from Special Measures in situations where it would be fair and reasonable should be better promoted and more flexible.
  3. That the current OCPE review process for Special Measures selection panel findings of unsuitability provides an invaluable quality control and will continue.
  4. That the recent changes to the requirements for eligibility for Aboriginal Special Measures, as made in consultation with the Senior Aboriginal Reference Group, were necessary and will remain.
  5. That more education and an eLearning course for all employees are necessary to better address perceptions, concerns and resistance to the concept of Special Measures.  (A new and improved Special Measures eLearning tool will be coming soon)

To download a copy of the Commissioner's Review of the NTPS Special Measures Aboriginal Recruitment Plans click here PDF (7.0 MB).

If an agency would like to discuss the implementation of a special measures plan please call the Director, Public Sector Appeals and Grievance Reviews on (08) 8999 4128.

Last updated: 03 July 2019

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