Recruitment and selection policy


The Northern Territory Public Sector (NTPS) Recruitment and Selection Policy ensures that the most suitable applicants are selected to vacancies, and that NTPS selection processes are:

  1. Simplified (i.e. not lengthy or unduly process-oriented)
  2. Consistent across NTPS Agencies
  3. Fair and transparent
  4. Courteous and respectful of applicants
  5. Designed to assess applicants' suitability based on proven capabilities
  6. Informative about the reasons for selecting successful applicants

The merit principle

NTPS selection decisions must be based on merit.

Selections "must be based solely on the person's suitability : to perform the relevant duties; and for employment in the relevant workplace; and for employment in the Public Sector . " A person's suitability is determined: " having regard to the person's knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience, and potential for future development." (Public Sector Employment and Management Act 1993)

Recruitment and selection policy

  1. To ensure that the merit principle is applied in all selection decisions, and to achieve consistency and best practice the NTPS commits to the following selection policy:
  2. Job descriptions will be reviewed prior to advertising. Job descriptions must be compliant with Determination 8 of 2018. They must be written in plain English and identify the skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications required; and allow· consideration of transferable skills and potential for future development.
  3. Job applications will be limited to a one-page summary with an attached resume including contact details for relevant referees.
  4. Selection panel members will be impartial, be aware of equal employment opportunity principles, avoid conflicts of interest, and have a clear understanding of the level, duties and requirements of the vacancy.
  5. Selection panel members must, unless there are exceptional reasons have completed the Merit Selection Training provided by OCPE within the last three years.
  6. Selection panels will use eRecruit and standardised NTPS selection report templates.
  7. Selection panels will clearly detail reasons for their selection decision for the consideration of the delegate recommending appointment, transfers or promotion.
  8. Selection processes will be finalised within a maximum of six weeks from the closing date of advertising, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  9. All applicants will receive a high standard of candidate care, and be fully informed of the selection outcome, including a summary of the merit of the selected applicant.
  10. Managers/Supervisors will take care to prepare for the arrival of new employees and ensure that they are properly welcomed, inducted and oriented to the workplace.

Policy approved: 20/05/2020

Last updated: 09 April 2021

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