Disability in the workplace

The Northern Territory Public Sector (NTPS) is supportive of a diverse workforce. It aims to reflect the community it serves by enabling employees to contribute and reach their full potential through inclusion at work.

To raise awareness of inclusion and diversity, OCPE develops resources and provides information and support to agencies.

EmployAbility strategy

The EmployAbility Strategy PDF (607.2 KB) (the strategy) sets to improve the participation of people with disability in the NTPS. It gives agencies the tools, information and resources to help people with disability fulfill their potential in the workforce.

The strategy focuses on four areas:

  • nurturing an inclusive workplace culture
  • supporting attraction and retention practices
  • supporting skills acquisition and career development
  • promoting accessibility.

The goals of the strategy are to:

  • Increase the attraction and retention rates for people with disability to the NTPS.
  • Improve career opportunities in the NTPS for people with disability.
  • Raise awareness of the value that people with disability may bring to the workplace and increase disability confidence.
  • Create a workforce that better reflects the diversity of the community it serves.

Read the EmployAbility Strategy PDF (607.2 KB)

Disability Employment Program

The NTPS works in partnership with Disability Employment Services to provide employment opportunities for people with disability who are otherwise unable to compete for a job on the basis of merit.

The Disability Employment Program (DEP) is a pathway program for people with disability to gain experience and skills and broaden their career options in the NTPS.

The Program provides:

  • entry level employment on a temporary basis for a maximum of two years. Agencies are encouraged to consider permanent employment at the end of the temporary contract.
  • flexibility in the hours of employment.

The Disability Employment Service Provider works with agencies in matching tasks to the participant’s potential ability, and provide the participant with on-the-job training. They also support the workplace in the employment and development of people with disability.

For more information contact OCPE on swpd.ocpe@nt.gov.au.

Read the guidelines for agencies:

Read the guidelines for DES providers:

Disability Reference Group

The disability reference group understand the barriers and issues faced by employees with disability. The reference group meets regularly to discuss a planned approach to improving inclusion and diversity in the NTPS.

Membership consists of employees from across NTPS agencies. You can contact the DRG via email chairdrg@nt.gov.au.

Assistance for people with disability

You can find information and support for people with disability through the following networks and initiatives:

Job access

Job Access is a national organisation set up to advise employers and employees on matters relating to disability in the workforce in areas such as:

  • financial support
  • workplace modifications
  • help with finding and changing jobs
  • creating flexible work environments
  • links to career advice and training courses
  • connecting with employers, providers and peak bodies
  • tools and resources for people with disability, employers and service providers..

For more information see www.jobaccess.gov.au or call a JobAccess adviser on 1800 464 800.

Disability employment services

Disability Employment Services provide specialist support for people with disability, injury or health condition who need help to find and maintain sustainable employment.

There are two programs within Disability Employment Services:

  1. Disability Management Service that provides help to people with disability, injury or health condition who require the assistance of a disability employment service and are not expected to need long-term or regular support in the workplace.
  2. Employment Support Service that assists people with permanent disability and with an assessed need for regular long-term ongoing support in the workplace.

Further information on the DES and advice on disability employment related matters can be found on the JobAccess website.

The Supported Wage System

Most Australians with disability take part in the open workforce at full rates of pay. But, some people are unable to do so due to the effects of disability on their workplace productivity.

The Australian Government has in place the Supported Wage System to support people with disability and their employers. Under these provisions, independent assessors are available to conduct workplace productivity assessments.

You can find further information on the JobAccess website

Last updated: 29 September 2021

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