Bulletin 8 - Improved offer by the Commissioner for Public Employment - issued 24 September 2021

As reported in my previous bulletin, I made an offer to settle the General enterprise agreement negotiations on 20 August 2021.

After carefully considering the feedback provided by unions, the self-nominated bargaining representative as well as feedback provided directly by employees, I am pleased to advise that today (24 September 2021) I made improvements to my initial offer.

I am offering further significant improvements to terms and conditions of service for employees in a genuine attempt to settle negotiations and finalise bargaining.

The table below is a summary of key improvements. Read the full details and the improved offer.

More benefits for work life balance$4000 over 4 yearsjob certainty for territory public servants

Summary of the improvements

Improved condition
Employee rights and entitlements
  • No reduction to current or future employee rights and entitlements.
Improved condition
  • Continue Darwin CPI Increases on allowances listed in Determination Number 1 of 2021 relevant to the enterprise agreement. The allowances will not reduce if the Darwin CPI decreases
New paid leave entitlement Christmas Closedown
  • Paid leave for Christmas closedown to cover the working days between Christmas Day and New Year ’s Day
  • Employees who are required to work during this will get an equivalent entitlement to use within 12 months
Improved condition
Job security
  • No involuntary redundancies for the term of the Agreement (does not apply to redeployees greater than 2 years)
Improved condition
Further improvements to leave provisions
  • Parental Leave
    • Improvements to payment of employer superannuation guarantee contributions (SG) during the first 12 months of parental leave:
    1. SG paid during paid and unpaid Partner Leave provided the employee’s spouse is also an NTPS employee
    2. SG paid at double the legislated rate during a period of paid Primary Caregiver leave or Special Maternity Leave (stillbirth)
  • Emergency Leave
    • Retain current entitlement of three days Emergency Leave per year
      (the initial offer proposed 2 days per year)
  • Union delegate training leave
    • Remove the current 12 month service requirement to enable access to paid union delegate training earlier
Improved condition
Excess Travel Time
  • Employees, in receipt of salary up to the maximum annual salary of an Administrative Officer level 6, will be eligible to accrue time of in lieu (not paid overtime) in situations requiring excess travel time. (No change for employees currently eligible for Excess Travel Time).
Improved condition
Flexible Work arrangements
  • Only CEOs will have the authority to refuse an employee’s request to work from home
Improved condition
Commitments to review
  • Senior Pay Progression Scheme to be reviewed

Other changes to my improved offer

My improved offer also provides a range of other improvements to conditions such as dispute settlement procedures, lump sum payment provisions (for casuals and employees on leave without pay) and safe and healthy work environments, as set out in the attached information sheet.

As a number of the improvements above have cost implications it was necessary to review my initial offer to identify some offsets. My initial offer is amended as follows:

  • modify paid Health Screening Leave to provide 1 hour (not 2) per year (noting this amendment is still double the existing entitlement which is 1 hour every 2 years for cancer screening); and
  • withdrawal of the Transition to Retirement proposal (2 hours/year leave). Employees may still utilise flextime, TOIL or other leave for this purpose.

The additional improvements will see the Agreement as one of the most family supportive public sector agreements in the nation and will provide employees with greater certainty regarding employment conditions for the next 4 years.

Next Step

I have asked the parties to provide me with feedback on the improved offer by 1 October 2021.

Have your say – your feedback is important

Should you wish to express a view on the proposals or make a suggestion, you can provide your feedback to me by emailing enquiries.ocpe@nt.gov.au

More information

Regular bargaining updates will be posted to the OCPE webpage at Enterprise agreement negotiations – General NTPS

Vicki Telfer PSM
Commissioner for Public Employment

24 September 2021

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