Machinery of government

The Northern Territory Government's Administrative Arrangements Orders (AAO) may change from time to time.

The AAO sets out the various responsibilities for Ministers as well as the agencies that report to each Minister. 

A Machinery of Government (MoG) change occurs when the Government decides to change the way government responsibilities are managed.

This may involve the movement of functions, resources and people from one agency to another.

Causes for Machinery of Government change

A MoG change can be the result of:

  • a change to the Administrative Arrangements Order (AAO)
  • the movement of responsibilities and functions between agencies.

Effects of Machinery of Government changes

A MoG change can lead to:

  • the creation of a new government agency
  • the closure of an existing government agency
  • the movement of functions and responsibilities from one NTPS agency to another.

Managing changes to Machinery of Government

Major changes must be managed in consultation with employees and unions, particularly where changes may result in:

  • change to size, make up or operation of agency structure and workforce
  • change in reporting lines
  • the need to relocate employees to another workplace
  • the restructuring of work units and possibly jobs

Depending on the extent of changes outlined in the AAO there may or may not be a requirement to undertake consultation. 

For further advice about Machinery of Government change refer to the Commissioner’s Information Sheet Machinery of Government – Will I be affected?

Last updated: 10 January 2020

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