Strengthening inclusion and diversity

As the Territory’s largest employer, we recognise the importance of strengthening inclusion and diversity across all agencies.

The Northern Territory Public Sector (NTPS) aims to reflect the community it serves by:

  • enabling employees to contribute, and
  • reach their full potential through inclusion at work.

The Northern Territory is diverse, with our population made up of:

  • around 30% Aboriginal
  • at least 12% of people who have a disability
  • significant communities of LGBTIQ+ peoples
  • over 100 different ethnic groups and nationalities.

An inclusive and diverse workforce that understands our community needs can:

  • better respond to rapidly changing environment
  • ensure the best service is delivered.

How we do this

We do this by:

  • setting diversity and inclusion as a priority and
  • leading the way.

These are key to accomplishing the below goals.

Workforce diversification

Increases the representation of people from different backgrounds at all levels.

Workforce inclusion

Ensuring all staff in the sector experience a sense of belonging and inclusion at work.

Last updated: 10 September 2021

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