Det/Year Title
13/2001 New Apprenticeship Programs (11.9 kb) Revoked by Det 2002/4
12/2001 Temporary Contract of Employment Entered into by the Apprentice and the NTPS (PDF file 16K)     Revoked by Det 4/2002.
11/2001 Salary and Apprenticeship Skill Levels (PDF file 21K) Revoked by Det 3/2002.
9/2001 Rates of Pay - Teachers and Educators (PDF file 33K)  Revoked by Det 5/2002.
8/2001 8/2001 Rates of Pay - Nurses (PDF file 11K)  Revoked by Det 6/2002.
6/2001 Rates of Pay - General NTPS(PDF file 67K) Revoked by Det 13/2002.Rates of Pay - PAWA (PDF file 34K) Revoked by Det 11/2002.
5/2001Specialist Aboriginal Interpreting duties allowance (9.3 kb). Revoked by 1086/2016.
4/2001  Exec Contracts (PDF file 50K) Read in conjunction with 2004/5 Read in conjunction with CEO Declaration of Private Financial and Other Interests and Conflict of Interest PolicyVariation 27/7/05 Payments in lieu at total employment costs Variation 30/12/05 Salary sacrifice of lump sum leave entitlements Revoked by Det 13 of 2011
3/2001 Recognised Employer (PDF file 9K) Revoked by Det 2/2002.
2/2001 ATS Traineeship - rates of pay (11.9 kb). Revokes Det 2/2000.
1/2001 Review of Allowances (PDF file 14K) Revoked by Det 1/2002.Revokes Det 1/2000.  Revokes Det 1 of 2000, Revoked by Det 1 of 2002

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