Why you should participate

Share your experience and ideas

Taking part in the survey is valuable because you can provide ideas to the decision makers about how to improve your workplace.

Your responses are never linked back to you

The survey is completely confidential so you can confidently share your views. Strict business rules apply so all data is de-identified and responses are combined. Reports are only available for groups with 10 or more respondents and reports will only include demographic information for groups with 30 or more respondents.

A 3rd party survey provider you can trust

ORC International, an external expert survey provider is managing the survey. They meet all internal and national privacy standards. You can trust that they take every measure to ensure your privacy is protected and there is no way of tracing individuals in reports that agencies receive. The NTPS will never receive individual responses.

You have a choice

The survey is voluntary, however it is a great way to provide feedback about what it’s like to work in your agency and how your agency is performing.

It's endorsed from the top

The survey is endorsed and supported by the Commissioner for Public Employment and your agency’s Chief Executive.

It's quick and easy

The survey will only take about 15 minutes to complete online. Do it at your desk, on your phone or at home - the choice is yours.

You get to shape a better NTPS

At the end of the survey results will be delivered to your agency and used to guide the development of programs and policies for the benefit of all employees.

Last updated: 03 September 2018