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Steve Pegg

Making sure Territorians get the best experience when dealing with government online, part of Steve Pegg’s usual role, was taken to a whole new level during COVID-19.

As Manager of User Experience in the Office of Digital Government, Steve and his colleagues are the champions for the end user.

The team was tasked with building the Northern Territory's coronavirus website from the ground up and then managing the coronavirus website and related digital channels.

“Our web technical specialists, content specialist, managers and staff all combined and worked tirelessly to build the website in four days – and, in the months following, to update rapidly changing content and provide additional online services including checklists, forms, and feedback channels,” he said.

At the beginning of the pandemic there was a lot of uncertainty, Steve recalled.

“People were confused and anxious, and instinctively looked online to find answers.

“I'm proud of the role our team played to make sure Territorians could access clear, accurate information at any time, on any device, which enabled them to make informed decisions,” he said.

“The website provided critical information about borders and travel restrictions, quarantine measures, school closures, health advice, Chief Health Officer directions, and messages in language.”

Since its release on 19 March, the website has served over 3 million pages to more than 1.3 million visits. Six in every 10 visits were from a mobile device.

Last updated: 18 August 2020

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