Helping to keep Territorians informed

Samantha Cubillo

Territorians received information about COVID-19 in a timely and consistent way thanks to the work of the Department of the Chief Minister (DCM) communications team, with the assistance of employees like Samantha Cubillo.

A multimedia and communications officer who has worked in the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice for about five years, Samantha volunteered to join the DCM team to develop public facing communications materials.

She assisted DCM’s lead design and brand consultant Dean Gardiner with a range of tasks, including updating electronic forms relating to quarantine and urgent advertisements that also had to comply with Northern Territory Government branding.

"I found it an interesting experience," Samantha said.

"Everyone wants to help out as there is a general feeling of not wanting to let others down. People really do want to make a difference.

"I enjoyed learning how others work in different agencies, meeting new people and networking and how other comms teams operate."

During her time at DCM, Samantha was able to network with other agencies and noticed how well agencies have worked together.

Samantha "Sam" Cubillo

Last updated: 23 June 2020

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