Powering on through

Peter Hudson

Risk assessments and business continuity plans relating to the Territory’s electricity supply were never more important than during COVID-19.

One of the key people responsible for making sure the pandemic didn’t affect our supply was Peter Hudson, Territory Generation’s Business Strategy and Services Supervisor.

Peter’s role is a crucial element of Territory Generation’s Corporate Incident Management Team – and it’s given him a new appreciation for the hard work of NT public servants.

During COVID-19, Peter managed all the risk assessments and business continuity plans for each site and department across Territory Generation. He worked with each business unit leader to compile plans to ensure electricity generation in each region would continue to be safely and reliably delivered taking into account different levels of community transmission within the Territory.

“I cannot express enough how proud I am of the business unit’s support during the pandemic and their ability to take on extra activities and hours of work,” he said. “During stressful times you tend to see the true character in people.”

Peter said he was very impressed by how responsible Territorians were during the pandemic: “There were very limited cases of people breaking the rules.”

He was also impressed by the attitude of his NTPS colleagues.

“Coming from non-NTG and never working for the public sector before, I had the same view as most people outside of the NTPS about the NTG that you clock on at 8:00am and leave at 4:21pm.

“However, I believe that people will benefit from the understanding of what NTG do for the wider community and how staff went above and beyond their normal day-to-day roles, working with numerous different agencies with the public sector.”


Last updated: 17 August 2020

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