Rolling with the changes

Samantha Hunter

Samantha Hunter has been with DCIS for 11 years, in the areas of finance, executive support and corporate services reform.

When the pandemic hit, she was tasked with leading DCIS' COVID-19 compliance team as Data Management Coordinator. Her team managed designated area compliance data (entries into remote communities) and arrivals to the NT.

"Each morning, I'd go to the airport to collect NT border arrivals from the previous day's flights," Samantha said.

"We'd manage arrivals from all other entry points as well – road, rail and sea."

Samantha's team entered border arrivals data into 'C19C', the purpose-built compliance database used by NT Police and Health to manage the NT's compliance response to COVID-19.

Samantha was the system administrator and worked with Health and Police, flagging anomalies, responding to queries and clarifying information.

"The function of 'data entry' was not as simple or straightforward as it sounds!" she said.

"Anything and everything was open to interpretation in the world of COVID-19. Our role continued to evolve as the 'rules' constantly changed. We just got on with it."

Samantha is proud of her team for being so adaptable to constant change, minimal direction and sometimes conflicting advice during the pandemic.

"They always just rolled with the punches!" she said.

"They took the time and care to notice when something didn't seem right and raised the right questions rather than just seeing their role as 'data entry'."

Now the threat has passed, Samantha said she loved the work, the challenges, her team and the connections she made since the pandemic broke out.

"I found myself in a position where I could actually make a difference and help my community, and I knew I was exactly where I needed to be," she said.

"Keeping the Territory safe, especially our remote communities, was the driving force for me to work hard."

Last updated: 23 June 2020

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