Staying cool on the hotline

Megan Kelly

As Executive Assistant for the Senior Executive Director DCM, and an NT public servant for 20 years, Megan Kelly wasn't surprised by the great work of her colleagues during COVID-19.

"Our unit is really strong, we're a good team," she said.

"There were many different people from different areas coming together and helping out."

Megan worked in the Remote Travel Hotline Team and was one of the first people in the hotline team.

"So I saw the process from start to finish. Our team took all of the phone calls and provided advice for people travelling – I loved the opportunity to help."

She said she was proud of the whole team.

"It really brought the best out of us all. We all worked so hard and so well under the pressure – we worked 12 hour days and on the weekends, and no one from our team complained. We had other people from other agencies come and go, but we had to be here."

An important part of Megan’s role was providing support to young team members who needed help in tricky situations.

"There was a lot of stress, a lot of difficult calls and some angry callers, but our team put up with it," Megan said.

"I witnessed each of them push through and just get on with it.

"I've learnt a lot about myself and my team, that no matter what you throw at us, we’ll get through it and deal with it."

Last updated: 20 August 2020

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