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Helen Perry, Christopher Mackay, Emmylou Trombley, Melanie Goetze, Marlene Woods, Katalin Woelfel, Euan Hawthorne, Steven Pegg, Vanessa Madrill, Danny Key, Fiona Easton, Jiraporn Homngam, Beia Capaque, Chrishan Peiris, Jami Godfrey, Andrea Ruske, Mark Matuguina, Victoria Edmonds, Arthur Hoffmann, Natalie Wilson and Nicola Kalmar

The Digital Communications and Agency Web Services, part of DCIS, doesn’t normally build websites, but the COVID-19 pandemic has not been a normal time.

Helen Perry, Director of Digital Communications within the Office of Digital Government, said her area typically provides technological support for NTPS websites – all 130 of them.

“We don’t normally build websites as this is provided by industry sector,” she said.  “However, there was no time to go to the market to source the work and, the content – informing the NTPS and public on COVID updates and arrangements – was too important to wait.”

The group has maintained a seven day a week roster since the start of the pandemic, working with communications groups across government to ensure key messaging is accessible online.

This has included building new web pages to promote and host new initiatives, such as the home improvement scheme, developing online forms for COVID Safety Plans and online learning material and short course information.

The same team has also managed the business as usual activity and maintained response standards and published timely messaging to

“The team have shown initiative, been responsive, worked collectively to maintain a solution focus throughout,” Helen said. “The teams physically collocated together a little over six months ago and have clearly demonstrated the benefits of coming together and OneNTG.”

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Last updated: 18 August 2020

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