Bindi Burnell

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

I joined the NTG in 1989 as an apprentice chef at the RDH. After completing my trade certificate I was seeking something more fulfilling, and in 1995 joined the NT Police Force as a Constable, where I was posted to Alice Springs after completion of recruit training.

In 2004 I commenced my specialisation in the area of Crime Scene Examination and completed a Vocational Graduate Certificate in Public Safety (Crime Scene Investigation) through the Canberra Institute of Technology.

I have specialised further in the areas of Skeletal Remains Recovery and Disaster Victim Identification (DVI), I am the current NT DVI coordinator where I maintain responsibility for the training, equipment and capability of the NT DVI Team.

I have conducted research to “Measure the decomposition of buried remains in different soil profiles in the Top End of the Northern Territory” and in 2017 I was awarded 1st Prize Winning Educational Article for my research in the Australian Police Journal.

I have been involved in many high profile cases with the highlights of my career being.

The recovery of the skeletal remains of long term missing person Carlie Sinclair from a remote clandestine grave site; as well as, the DVI responses of the Air North Plane Crash at the Darwin Airport in 2010, and, the DVI response to the Kululuk Fatal House Fire in 2014.

Bindi Burnell
Bindi Burnell