Publications, policy and guidelines

  • Recruitment and selection policy
    Purpose, context and further information about recruitment and selection policy for the Northern Territory Public Sector.
  • Redeployment and redundancy
    Learn about redeployment and redundancy entitlements for the Northern Territory Public Sector.
  • Wages policy
    NTPS wages policy provides the basis for negotiation of enterprise agreements across the NTPS.
  • Medical practitioner guidelines
    These guidelines provide information regarding entry employment medical assessments for particular occupations, fitness for duty, retirement and AHP fees.
  • Commissioner's guidelines
    Guidelines to assist in the interpretation of public sector terms and conditions and to promote best practice in their application.
  • Commissioner's bulletins
    Bulletins to inform all public sector employees about current events or concerns.
  • Commissioner's information sheets
    Information sheets designed to clarify any operational aspects and raise awareness of certain NTPS terms and conditions.
  • Job evaluation system
    Job evaluation system (JES) is an assessment of the work value of a particular job relative to other jobs in the Northern Territory Public Sector. Find information about JES evaluation panel and Job analysis questionnaires (JAQs).
  • Procurement complaints management procedure
    Find out about the procurement complaints management procedure which applies to all procurement-related complaints made or referred to the Department of the Chief Minister, the Department of Treasury and Finance and the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment.

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